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Google Will Launch a New Glass Model Next Year With Intel Inside

By Radu Tyrsina / December 3, 2014 / Consumer Electronics

Intel is widely regarded as the leader in making chips for desktop PCs and laptops, but it struggles with raising consumer adoption in smartphones and tablets, where Qualcomm is the leader. But now it seems that the company is targeting the quickly growing wearables market.

According to a from the Wall Street Journal publication (pay-wall), Intel will supply the chip for the next-generation Google Glass headset, thus replacing the processor made by American company Texas Instruments.

Google’s first Glass headset has seen moderate success, with the biggest problem being the four figure price tag. While it’s not sure whether Google looks to make it available for a cheaper price, in 2015, the company plans a new model of its Glass headset.

It will be powered by an Intel chip and will feature a longer battery life than the current Explorer Edition. Google has already improved its product with compatibility with prescription lenses and doubled its RAM. However, a new processor is a clear sign that the company is getting ready for the next-generation model.

Rumors have it that the next Google Glass will also feature a different design, which has been perceived as awkward by many. Out of this partnership, Intel seems to be interested in promoting Glass as a workplace companion. The new Google Glass will be marketed to “hospital networks and manufacturers, while developing new workplace uses for the device.”

The low-power chip inside Intel’s MICA bracelet is currently the ideal candidate for Google Glass, but maybe the chipmaker has been secretly developing something else, who knows. And perhaps one of the reasons why Google has decided to switch to Intel is the poor battery life that the current chip is offering.

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