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Sale of Junk Food in Delhi Schools to be Banned

It seems that the Indian government is all set to fight against junk food, especially when it is concerning the health of pupils. According to the latest information circulating online, the Delhi High Court has asked the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India that within three months, the ban on sale of junk food in Delhi school canteens as well as their vicinity to become effective.

Thus, under the FSSAI guidelines, food high in fat, salt and sugar cannot be sold within 50 meters of school premises. This is a really useful feature which puts the health of pupils in the first place, but we wonder whether this will be enough from stopping them to buy unhealthy products.

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Sunita Narain, director general at the Centre for Science and Environment, said the following:

“We welcome the Delhi High Court order in the junk food case, in which it has directed strict implementation of the guidelines for making available wholesome, nutritious, safe and hygienic food to school children in India.”

She then added the following:

“We would have liked a complete ban on the sale of junk food in schools, but what the Court has ordered is also very significant: restriction is an important step in recognition of the fact that this kind of food is bad for children, and must not be allowed in schools.”

Narain said also this, which makes a lot of sense:

“The guidelines are scientific, comprehensive and well establish the harmful effects of junk foods. The essence throughout the document is to not allow the availability of such foods in schools. If well implemented, maintaining the spirit of it, the guidelines will help avoid the looming health crisis in this country.”

“The court has emphasised on time-bound enforcement across the country and has put immense faith in FSSAI. It could prove to be a milestone development towards addressing the growing burden of obesity, diabetes and heart disease—among other non-communicable diseases—in the Indian context.”

What’s your take on this? Do you think this is a positive measure or should the local authorities support small business owners?

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