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Ubuntu Linux Tablet is Real, Pre-Orders Start Before the end of This Year

By Radu Tyrsina / November 7, 2014 / Tablets 2606

Summary – Canonical confirms that it is working on a Ubuntu Touch Linux tablet, and aims for a release in early 2015 with pre-orders going live before this year’s end

Reports of a Linux tablet running Ubuntu have been around for quite a while. Now we have some information which seems to confirm that it’s not just rumors we’re hearing, but there are some true facts behind the hearsay.

According to a recent article published by website, which has received emails from Andrew Bernstein, the public face of the UT One tablet project, Canonical “certainly will be involved” in the production of the tablet.

The said Linux tablet is said to feature an Intel x86 processor. However, he didn’t mention exactly what Canonical’s role will be, saying just the following:

“we do hope to get official hardware certification and some agreement on support for UT One’s software, as in providing support for end users in relation to the hardware.”

The tablet hardware will be ready to ship by December, he says, but the software won’t be available that soon. This is because Canonical is busy working on the final version Ubuntu Touch that will make its way into smartphones, tablets and even other devices.

ubuntu touch tablets

However, Bernstein did say that pre-orders for the UT One tablet will start at the end of this month or in early December. This is some great news for Linux fans, if, of course, the launch doesn’t get delayed even further.

An Ubuntu-based x86 tablet is very much on the cards, but details are pretty scarce at the moment. But it seems that it will be ready once Canonical finishes his work on a distribution of the Linux open source operating system that will work across different types of devices.

What Canonical is probably aiming for is a release before the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which will take place at the beginning of March. The company has always had a strong presence there and it could represent a great start point for Ubuntu Touch, since press and bloggers from all over the world will attend the conference.

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  • NothingMuchHereToSay

    Guys, this isn’t official, this guy *wants* Canonical’s support, but hasn’t gotten any yet. There’s a difference between “yes Canonical has confirmed this” vs “we hope to get official hardware certification”. So far it’s been on the hardware manufacturer’s side, not Canonical’s side. God, can’t people read nowadays?

    • Noak Sten, aka The Pimp

      Classic linkbait. I hope not too many gets trolled by this guy (who wrote the article).

      • Radu Tyrsina

        If Canonical confirms that they are involved in a Linux tablet, doesn’t this make it real? :| My purpose definitely is not to troll, but to inform readers of my website

    • Radu Tyrsina

      Who said it’s official? There’s a difference between official and real. For example – we’re sure that there’s going to be a new iPhone next, year, which means it’s real, but it’s not yet official. But yes, your explanation is valid indeed

      • Noak Sten, aka The Pimp

        I don’t use iphone.