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Vertu Aster Smartphone – Great Balance Between Luxury and Price

Smartphones are everyday part of our lives, and there are all sorts of smartphones available on the market. While they differ in hardware specs, they mostly look the same, but if you want a smartphone that will stand from the rest, you might be interested in today’s luxury smartphone.

Aster is the latest smartphone from Vertu, and it terms of specs, it’s identical to its flagship brother, but it comes with more contemporary and unisex design. Of course, despite being considered as ‘more affordable’, it remains a pretty exclusive device.


In terms of hardware specs Vertu Aster comes with 4.7-inch 1080p display, 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 chipset, 13MP/2.1MP cameras, 64GB of internal storage, 2,275mAh battery, front stereo speakers, NFC, Qi wireless charging and LTE support.

Of course, Aster comes with 117 carat sapphire screen which makes it a luxury smartphone. This luxury smartphone also comes in wide range of colors, and for $6,900 or £4,200 you can get your Aster with calf leather in black, pink or blue, but there’s also a model available with shiny snake skin in black or orange for £5,600 or $9,100.

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However, if you want something special you can get your phone with ostrich skin in brown or purple for £5,900 or $9,700. With all this luxury skin used, it’s no wonder that Vertu Aster is 11.2mm thick.

Despite its price, Aster is more affordable that its siblings since it comes with shorter “Classic Concierge” subscription that last only six months instead of full year, and there’s no dedicated agent as well.

Additional features include Vertu Certainty package that provides six months of iPass WiFi hotspots around the world, 12 months of Silent Circle communication encryption and Kaspersky mobile security subscription. There’s also Vertu Life curation service available that offers exclusive access to events and venues and it lasts for 18 months.

Aster is an amazing smartphone, and only flaw of this luxury device might be its screen size, but according to the Vertu CEO Max Pogliani, their company doesn’t want to follow general mass market mobile trends, instead they want their devices to fit comfortably in the pockets of their customers.

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