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‘Nokia’ to be Removed From Lumia 1525 Name as Microsoft Rebrands Windows Phone

Microsoft prepared some changes for their handset devices. Apparently, the Redmond-based company will remove ‘Nokia’ from names of its upcoming devices, so that might finally mark the end of  once great dynasty, called Nokia. Besides that, Microsoft also plans to release the new powerful phablet.


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We all knew that nothing will be the same for Nokia after the company was bought by Microsoft. And now, Microsoft plans to kill Nokia completely. The Redmond-based company recently hinted that they’ll exclude the word ‘Nokia’ from their future devices.

But Microsoft won’t stop there, although we don’t have any official announcement from Microsoft, some leaks claim that the company will even exclude word ‘Phone’ from their future mobile OS devices. But apparently, Microsoft will stop there, as they will keep Lumia as the name of their new devices.

So how do we know that Microsoft will remove words ‘Nokia’ and ‘Phone’ from the name of its future devices? French website NoWhereElse has managed to get pictures of Lumia phone’s front panel sent by an anonymous tipster. As you can see, there’s no ‘Nokia’ on the case.


The phone clearly comes from British OEM My Go, and as you can see, the word ‘Phone’ can’t be spotted anywhere. This could possibly be a part of Microsoft’s plan to unify its platforms for mobile, tablet and desktop.

The fact that makes this theory even more likely is that HTC decided to release its flagship variant as One M8 for Windows and not Windows Phone. As usual, there are no official announcements from Microsoft, but some sources believe that this could be possible with the release of Windows 10.

Speaking of Microsoft’s plans with phablet devices, the company is working on the new one, called Lumia 1525. For now, we know that the phone will be powered by a fast, 2.2GHz quad core Snapdragon 800 processor.

The device will feature a 6-inch 1080p Super AMOLED display 2K display, and a powerful 25MP or 30MP camera. Based on the information provided earlier this year, the new phablet will be presented sometime this fall, and it will be available through all major carriers in the US.

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