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Microsoft to Release Windows 10 Consumer Preview in Late January 2015

By Radu Tyrsina / November 28, 2014 / Microsoft 874

Windows 10 is out in the wild in the form of its first Technical Preview, but only Windows Insiders are able to have a look at the new features. But now a new report from a reliable publication say that the Consumer Preview of Windows 10 is set for release in early 2015.

The Verge reports that Microsoft is planning to detail the consumer features of Windows 10 at an event in January. This won’t happen at the popular Consumer Electronics Show in early January, but at a separate press event in late January.

Microsoft previously said that “early 2015″ was the moment to discuss about consumer features, and at the time many thought that the company was referring to the Build 2015 conference. But, as it turns out, Microsoft will be unveiling the consumer preview much earlier than expected.

windows 10 consumer preview

Among the new features that Microsoft is going to talk about is a new touch interface dubbed Continuum. As Windows 10 is designed to run across multiple devices, including PCs, tablets, phones, and the Xbox One, the event could take much more than just one hour, such as it was the case when the Windows 10 name first surfaced.

Another important change that could occur is the rebranding of Windows Phone, with most people believing that this will get changed into Windows 10 on mobile or just Windows 10. It will also be interesting to see what will Microsoft decide about Windows RT, as well.

If Microsoft manages to impress with the Windows 10 unveiling event and the features that it will talk about, then chances are that millions of current Windows 7 and Windows XP users will flock to it. So let’s wait and see.

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