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Here comes the first Keyboard with a Rupee Symbol

Although, big companies like Microsoft are still working on getting the new rupee symbol on their devices. A company called TVS has already achieved this feat.

TVS has introduced a new keyboard called the TVS Gold Bharat which is India’s first keyboard with a key representing the Indian rupee symbol. The keyboard does not have much of features as compared to many other keyboards available in the market, but for those who really need easy access to the rupee symbol and find it difficult to remember shortcuts and install font packages this is a really great option. The key is placed above tab along with the command key for easy access and the keyboard can be used with a system running Windows as well as Linux.

The TVS Gold Bharat was introduced on the country’s 63rd Independence Day and is now available for purchase. It is priced at Rs. 1,495, which is a bit over priced for an entry-level keyboard.

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