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Arrange Your Office Meetings With These Scheduling Apps

Powerful online applications are available that will help you get control over your schedule. No longer must you rely on localized spreadsheets managed by the receptionist or sticky notes hanging off your monitor: you can take charge of all your appointments and meetings from a convenient online interface offered by a number of different providers. After reading about these services, arrange your office meetings with these scheduling apps so you never have to miss a meeting or appointment again.

1. Timebridge:

An innovative scheduling solution that makes sure all your attendees know about your meeting and that they have sufficient time to prepare. This app integrates with Google, Apple iCal, and Microsoft Outlook to put you in charge of the meeting so you reach your objectives faster and with less hassle than ever before. With a single email from the Timebridge system you can find the best time to set your meeting. Attendees can respond with their preferences and Timebridge will work out the scheduling. When it’s meeting time, Timebridge will nudge participants toward the meeting room where the facilitator will use Timebridge to keep the meeting brief and on topic. Phone or Web conferencing through Timebridge is also available so you can schedule meetings that include remote workers and managers. Pricing for Timebridge begins with a limited “free” version and then progresses through a “Plus” version that costs $135 per year and then two business plans for either 5 or 15 users for $125 or $115 per year for each user.

2. :

Syncs with existing user calendars and works to make sure you don’t have those pesky double bookings or schedule conflicts. By using, you can schedule meetings with users outside of your organization and invite others to participate in the scheduling process without being required to sign up for the service. As a user, you can keep your schedule updated on so people who wish to meet with you can tell at a glance when you are available. The service will juggle schedules to create meetings so you have a better chance of getting your meeting booked on the first try. has wireless mobile apps for iPhone and Blackberry, so you and other users can always stay in touch with scheduling requests and events. is a free service that you can use to connect with almost unlimited numbers of people across the Web.

3. Scheduleonce:

Integrates with Google Calendar and Gmail to add interactive scheduling features. Some of the tools this application features include GroupScheduler for group meetings, EventScheduler for large events, MeetingPlanner to speed up business meetings, and TimeDifference to compensate for time differences among attendees. There is a free personal edition that you can use for yourself as well as paid versions that are intended for use with business Google Apps that you can get from the Google Apps Marketplace.

4. :

A free utility that you can use to schedule your next meeting. This utility supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and will allow you to access ScheduleOnce features directly from your Web browser. An easy to view meeting list is displayed together with the number of attendee responses received. You can even create a new meeting directly from the widget. While you are trying out this cool app, check out the toolbar buttons, and Gmail gadget that are also offer by ScheduleOnce.

5. NetSimplicity:

Designed to manage your meetings and your physical and virtual meeting rooms from the convenience of your Web browser. Arrange for catering, book venues, and schedule other resources all from this easy to use business application. This application has a Web interface as well as Outlook integration and innovative touch screen interactive support that simplifies the process of organizing and finding meetings like never before. All the information is stored on secured online servers, so there is no software for you to install or cumbersome backups to manage. You can sign up for a free trial of NetSimplicity, but once it’s over you must sign up for either the “Pro” or “Enterprise” versions. Pricing is not readily available from the NetSimplicity website.

6. Setameeting:

A free and easy to use Web scheduling application that handles meeting attendees and suggests meeting locations and relevant services. If you are on a tight budget and need help managing your meetings. Setameeting is for you.

Arrange your office meetings with these scheduling applications as listed above. You will be amazed at how much easier meetings will be.

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