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nVidia GTX 880 and 870 Graphics Cards’ Release Date Set for This Fall

By Ivan Jenic / September 13, 2014 / Featured, Technology 2222

Get ready gamers, the new series of nVidia GTX graphics cards is coming! The new GTX series will feature two high performance graphics cards, the GTX 880 and 870, and an average performance graphic card, the GTX 860.


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The manufacturer of high performance graphic cards and motherboards intrigued us with the release date of GTX 800 series of its graphics cards. The GTX 880, 870 and 860 are next generation graphics cards that will finally be released by Gigabyte in its much anticipated 800 series.

Gigabyte recently announced in an interview, that the new graphics cards will be released in late September or early October this year.

People were expecting these high performance graphic cards lately, because many leaks about them were available all over the internet, but now, when we have the official announcement from Gigabyte, rumors proved to be true.

The new series of graphics cards will come with an impressive specifications. The GTX 880 is based on Maxwell’s GM2804 chip, and it works with a new, well-tuned cooling system. The GTX 880 looks very elegant, because it has a metal backside and a set of LED lights.

The 880 comes with a GDDR5 memory supported by a 256 bit bus line. Furthermore, it features a 4GB of memory, which will be able to hand a lots of memory data and comes with 2560 CUDA cores.

Some sources claim that the GTX 880 will be much more technologically advanced and would provide very fast performances. The card will come with a GDDR5 memory supported by a 256 bit bus line.

Along with the GTX 880, the GTX 870 is also expected to be released sometime in September or October. The 870 will be based on a lighter version of GM204 core. Differently than the 880 and 870, the GTX 860 is a budget gaming card, with just solid performances for more casual gaming experience. The 860 will be released sometime in late October, after the 880 and 870.

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  • Handsome Jackass

    Hope the 4gb of memory is enough for my 4k monitor. Wish they would stack in sli.

    • Adam Warren

      im 90% sure 4gb will be fine but just wait a few weeks after it’s release to get some feedback from people who have bought it and are using 4k :)