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Windows Gets Magic (Mouse, that is)

By Pushkar Patil / January 14, 2011 / Computers, Microsoft, Notebooks and Netbooks, Technology 2120

The multi touch and gesture mouse has finally come to Windows. Microsoft’s Touch Mouse is very similar to Apple’s Magic Mouse. It features a capacitive sensor that allows for multi touch gestures to function. The design is very un-Apple like though.  The hatches dotted all over the mouse mark the touch area.

This mouse promises to bring the best touch experience to Windows yet, primarily because Microsoft has designed the drivers and software, which will unify the whole experience. The bunch of multi-touch gestures is quite standard really:

  • One finger scrolls in any direction inside of a window.
  • Swiping your thumb up and down acts like the back and forward buttons common on Windows mice.
  • Two fingers to the left or right activates Aero Snap, pinning the selected window to the side; two fingers up or down minimizes or opens minimized windows.
  • Three fingers—wait for it—activates a Mac OS X Expose-like view, showing all of your windows in a neat grid.

As of now, the Touch Mouse is for Windows 7 only. It is priced at $80 and could really be worth it, considering the manner in which it will enhance the Windows experience.

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