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Google+ Now has more than 10 Million Users, Confirms Larry Page

By Swapnil Kale / July 18, 2011 / , Technology

Google’s new social networking platform, Google+, has been in the limelight of technology media since its arrival. Recently, Google CEO, Larry Page, confirmed during the company’s quarterly earning call that Google+ has pulled in more than 10 million users and over one billion items are shared by these users everyday.

Currently, Twitter has over 300 million users and Facebook is at more than 750 million users, and obviously both the platforms took some time to hit the 10 million mark. Obviously, they were too small compared to Google when they started.

Google earned $9.03 billion in revenue during its second quarter, showing a 32% increase over the same period in he previous month. Google-owned websites generated 69% percent of the total revenue ($6.23 billion), while Google’s AdSense generated 28% (2.48 billion). The CEO also mentioned that the average cost per click roughly increased by 12% year-over-year.

Google+ has got a positive response so far, although there have been some annoyances. The introduction of Circles and Hangout on Google+ has got a lot of praising, not just from users but also from the critics.

It is obvious that there is still a lot more coming to Google+ and we are quite excited to see how it grows.


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