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Christmas Shopper Simulator is Actually a New Free Game Made by a British Retailer

By Radu Tyrsina / December 5, 2014 / Gaming 1392

Now this is funny. GAME, the popular British video games retail company, has actually created its own video game about shopping. So if you ever imagined playing a game that simulates shopping, then this is it!

Christmas Shopper Simulator is available for PC and Mac and lets you walk up escalators, buy things, ‘fall over,’ ‘turn left’ or ‘stop abruptly’. As Cristopher Dring from MCVUK puts it, this is a game that ‘looks equally ridiculous/awful/brilliant’.

The game can be download completely for free from the GAME’s website and by the looks of it, it should serve as some sort of promotion for the British company. Fred Prego said the following:

At GAME we are passionate about two things: gaming and shopping so, in our first foray into game development, we’ve combined the two. Whilst we have games that prepare us for zombie invasions or Premier League football matches, there is nothing to get us ready for the equally daunting experience of Christmas shopping – and we’re very proud to have filled that gap in the market.

Of course it’s ridiculous, but it’s so brilliantly addictive we can’t believe someone hasn’t made it already! One warning though: Christmas Shopper Simulator can feel so realistic that you might believe you have already done your Christmas shopping. You haven’t. Don’t forget to go shopping for real!

Sherif Aziz from Freakstorm Games, Developer, also shared his input:

The stress of Christmas shopping is now available and at your fingertips in this exciting new game. In Christmas Shopper Simulator you can prepare to be prepared for this season’s most traumatic task: complete missions, achieve achievements and have your expectations matched in this awesome new game from GAME.

By the looks of it, the game should be pretty funny, especially considering that it’s available for free. Have a look at the video from below and let us know what you really think of it.

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