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Gmail App for iPhone, iPad Users Gets iOS 8 Support

By Radu Tyrsina / September 30, 2014 / 1872

The official Gmail app is being used by a good number if iPhone and iPad users across the world and every update is quite important, especially this one, since it brings iOS 8 support.

gmail iphone ipad

According to the latest changelog, the official Gmail app for iPhone and iPad users has been recently updated to be fully compatible with Apple’s latest iOS mobile software – iOS 8.

Besides this, the icon has been updated and it now looks more bright and shinier than before. If you have already made the update, you have probably noticed this aspect.

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However, iPhone and iPad users haven’t awarded the current version of Gmail for iOS a great rating, as it managed to get only 3 stars out of 5. But truth be told, there were only slightly more than 100 reviews, so it could go up.

But here’s what one happy user has been saying about the latest update:

“Please give us a widget so we can delete needless emails from the Notification Center. Then my gmail experience will be complete. Thank you for continuing to support iOS with such a great app! Please continue to play nice with your apple users. We love you too google! Thanks for adding background updating.

It makes a HUGE difference on how quickly the app loads! This update is amazing! Thanks Google! I’m hope your programers are already working on an iOS 8 widget!!! Thanks!!!”

What about you – have you downloaded the latest version of Gmail for iPhone and iPad? Sound off below with your comment and let us know.

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