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Dungeons 2 Release Date Set for 2015, Watch the Trailer

By Ivan Jenic / August 11, 2014 / Gaming 1943

Publisher of the original game, Kalypso Media told us to expect the sequel of the 2011’s dungeon-keeper strategy, Dungeons next year. The new game from the Dungeon franchise should see the daylight sometime in 2015.

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Developer of Dungeons 2, is currently endeavoring to take the best elements of other dungeon management games, and unite them in Dungeons 2. Another positive thing is that Dungeons 2 will keep its hilarious dark humor from the original game, providing the amazing dungeon-managing experience that will excite all the fans of the franchise.

Just like the original game, Dungeons 2 requires from you to build a network of dungeons, lead an army of evil minions that you can keep disciplined by hitting them with your Hand of Terror, and defend your dungeon from invading heroes (enemies). Another cool new addition of Dungeons 2 is the ability to take your units off the ground. Fighting with humans have been improved also, and it’s more realistic now.

The story mode features adventurous campaign, fulfilled with  well known references from already established TV shows, books and movies of the same genre. Mentioned dark humor is also very present in dialogues.

Dungeons 2 will offer two unique game modes to its players,a dungeon management simulation in the underground world, and a tactical, real-time strategy on the surface, where they must destroy various human cities.The game also has an online multiplayer mode, which will allow desirable dungeon managers to compete with each other, in order to build the best dungeon online. Multiplayer mode supports up to four players at the same time.

Dungeons 2 is expected to be released sometime in 2015, coming to Windows PC, Mac and Linux. The game will be available in both digital and retail forms. IGN has also released the official trailer for the game, which you can check out below.

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