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3 Google Chrome Extensions for Music Lovers

By Swapnil Kale / July 25, 2010 / Internet, Software and Apps

Google Chrome extensions have been every improving and there is no doubt that it will soon be as vast as the Mozilla Firefox. We at Gigjets love music and I love is listening to new music while I am browsing the internet. To make the experience more entertaining here are three Google Chrome extensions which would help you improve your music discovery techniques. Free Music Player

Well, it is quite simple. Listen to music for free on your Google Chrome with integration. It has a new shuffle mode, volume control options, album scrobbling, improved song search and a lot more other options. A very good extension to discover new artists, similar to the ones you are listening too.

NPR: News, Music and Books

The NPR extension does more than just giving you the latest music. You can listen to the latest NPR stories as you browse through the web, check the latest headlines and also set up custom feeds based on a keyword. You can discover new artist however, it needs a few audio control options like play or pause.

Chrome Radio Player

Chrome Radio Player is a minimal and the best extension for listening to music while browsing the web. The extension is pretty simple, easy to use and takes up a little place on your chrome browser. Although it has partial support for Linux users, it is a really great tool to stream radio channels through Google Chrome.

Other Google Chrome Extensions:

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