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EA Sports PGA TOUR to Make a Splash in 2015 Once Released

By Radu Tyrsina / July 15, 2014 / Gaming 1898

EA Sports knows the art of getting its fans juiced up, for the unveiling of a free-to-download EA Sports PGA Tour King of the Course for mobile devices and announcement of the arrival of a new ground-breaking PGA TOUR game for Playstation 4 and Xbox One in 2015 have left fans satiated.

The new EA Sports PGA Tour will feature spectacularly elaborated golf courses with special and peculiar challenges. With assimilation of the next-gen engine, Frostbite 3, EA Sports will make a game that is a complete simulation of real golf, with players having the liberty to play the ball from any spot regardless of the terrain.

Frostbite 3’s utmost power will be realized when PGA Tour’s fans will get the taste of the fantasy courses specially featured in the new PGA Tour 2015. The exuberance and thrill in playing around a battleship in the Battleship Paracel Storm course will be an unprecedented upsurge of feeling for PGA fans.

EA Sports Battleship Paracel Course

The executive producer of PGA Tour 2015, Brent Nielsen, says the following:

Frostbite 3 is really the perfect piece of technology for us to use as we create EA SPORTS PGA TOUR. There is no better engine out there for creating complex, lifelike environments, and it has allowed us to recreate some of the world’s most beautiful courses, as well as create some new ideas of our own.

“Also, for the first time ever we’re offering a game that’s completely free of load times after you start your round, allowing you to move seamlessly from one green to the next tee without breaking immersion.”

Moreover, the PGA Tour King of the Course is a free-to-download game available on both Google Play Store and App Store which features a unique blend of golf game-play with swipe and swing controls.

The game offers fun challenges that allow the player to become the king of the course. Challenges may range from placing a shot in the 17th hole of the very famous and very tricky TPC Sawgrass golf course to facing PGA pros like Bubba Watson and Ian Poulter.

Furthermore, players will be able to use in-game boosts such as a magnet that would pull the towards the pin or enlarging the size of the hole for easier placing of shots. All this and more is waiting in PGA Tour King of the Course to be played in a social environment where players can compete with their friends and contest to become the PGA King of the course.

The game is available for download for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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