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Upcoming MeeGo based Nokia N9 / N950 Video Promo Leaked

By Swapnil Kale / May 24, 2011 / Phones 1836

Personally, I am quite interested in the MeeGo platform and the news that Nokia has partnered with Microsoft and will use Windows Phone as its primary platform slightly disappointed me. However, recently we have been hearing some fair bit of information on MeeGo and we now also know that LG along with a few other manufacturers is working on MeeGo devices.

However, it seems that Nokia very own MeeGo powered device is not very far. The device known as Nokia N9 or Nokia N950 recently got its teaser trailer leaked all thanks to the guys at PocketNow. Apparently, Nokia has taken down the video from PocketNow’s official YouTube . Well, we are quite interested about the first MeeGo powered smartphone, the company has also announced that it is expected sometime in 2011, so it seems that we soon officially here more on this device.

The specifications on the device are still not known but apparently it would be a developer device for the MeeGo platform.

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