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amazon quiz may 2020 Win ₹7500 Pay Balance


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Win ₹7500 Amazon Pay Balance.

How To Participate In Amazon  May Quiz ?

Step 1: This is a an Amazon App only offer amazon quiz may 2020 Questions, so we recommend you download & install the Amazon Android or iOS app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.
Step 2: Now open the Amazon App & sign on into your Amazon Account (Create an account if you don’t not have  Amazon account)
Step 3: the way to visit the Amazon Quiz? head to the homepage and scroll down within the Amazon app > Offers > click on Amazon mothers day quiz. otherwise go to the Amazon Quiz page is by clicking on the Menu > Programs and Features > FunZone.
Step 4: Now just click the Amazon Quiz Banner & start the quiz by tapping the “Start” Button
Step 5: you’ve got to answer the five questions correctly within the Daily Amazon Quiz so as to be eligible to win exciting prizes
Step 6: After answering all of today’s Amazon Quiz questions correctly, you’ll then be eligible for the Amazon Quiz winners’ lucky draw
Step 7: The Amazon Quiz lucky draw winners are announced on the winners list declaration date.

Make sure to answer by 24th May 2020 11:59:00 p.m. (IST) as the quiz is not valid after 24th may 2020.

1. Name the first Indian feature film that made its public debut at Bombay’s Coronation Theater in May 1913?
Ans: Raja Harischandra

2. On May 23 in 1984, who became the first Indian woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest?
Ans: Bachendri Pal

3. In May 1994, who became the first Indian woman to win the Miss Universe title?
Ans: Sushmita Sen

4. What was the assigned code name of India’s first successful nuclear bomb test on 18 May 1974?
Ans: Smiling Buddha

5. After spending 27 years in prison, who among the following became the president of his country on May 9, 1994?
Ans: Nelson Mandela

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