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Google Celebrates Christmas with a Special Animated Google Doodle

By Radu Tyrsina / December 24, 2014 / Internet

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, and search giant Google is well aware of that. That’s why the company wants to make everybody who is searching online well aware of the holiday and the happiness surrounding it.

And what other special way for the search giant to celebrate this than with the help of a Google Doodle?

Google has begun its annual countdown to Christmas with a special Google Doodle that the company showed to all its users a few days ago. For those who are not aware what a Google Doodle is, we’re talking about a  special, temporary alteration of the logo on Google’s homepage that is intended to celebrate holidays, events, achievements and people.

Google started off with a snow scene with children on a sleigh pulled by a reindeer,  captioned ‘Tis The Season. At the moment, though, when you will search online, you will get the above image. We can see a man skiing, probably on his way back home for the holidays. And he appears to carry some gifts on his sleigh.

What do you think of this year’s Christmas doodles from Google? Do you like them or you were more fond of those from last year?

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