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New Chromebook Buyers Get 1TB of Free Google Drive Storage for 2 Years

By Radu Tyrsina / November 25, 2014 /

Google’s Chrome OS experiment is paying off, as the marketshare of Chromebooks is . And now, Google has decided to come up with a little holiday present for prospective Chromebook buyers. Google said the following:

Chromebooks make day-to-day computing fast, simple and secure, whether you’re searching for a great pumpkin pie recipe or sharing a family photo from Google Drive. And now, as a bonus for the holiday season, new Chromebook buyers can get 1TB of Google Drive storage for two years — almost $240 in value — absolutely free.

1TB of free Google Drive storage will be offered tp new Chromebook buyers for 2 years. The 1TB of Google Drive storage is worth $240 if you buy it form Google, but it’s free now for new Chromebook owners. So if you were planning to buy an external storage device, maybe you can consider this deal instead.

The cheapest Chromebook you can currently buy is priced at $199, but quite soon, Asus and Lenovo are said to jump on board with even cheaper models. So, if we are to compare just the value in money, it seems that you will have the chance to spend less for a Chrome OS laptop that you would have for buying 1 TB of storage.

The offer will last until January 31, 2015, so make sure you get a new Chromebook before that time. Google hasn’t specified exactly which models are eligible, but my guess is that only those that are retailing on the officially supported countries and where the Play Store is available, as well.

It’s quite impressive what Google has managed to achieve with the Chromebook line, as these devices have proved to be quite popular especially in the education sector. And with sales set to nearly triple by 2017, I say that this pressure isn’t to be neglected by the bright minds at Microsoft.

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