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Microsoft’s Office 2015 Pre-Release Beta Test Program is Now Available

By Ivan Jenic / July 27, 2014 / Microsoft 4779

We still don’t have any information about Microsoft Office 2015 release. But until the release date becomes known, you could try a beta testing of the upcoming Office.

If you want to be a part of Microsoft’s pre-release beta program for Office, you can from now. Microsoft is seeking for new beta testers, allowing anyone to sign up for their beta testing program. The purpose of this beta testing program is providing feedback by testers, in order to make the new release of Office as quality as possible.

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 Before diving into the pre-release code, you will first need to provide Microsoft with information about yourself or your company. This is the standard survey, which means that you’ll have to reveal your full name, email, address, your company role, and what version of Office you currently use.

You will also be asked if you use Office 365 and why you would desire to participate in this pre-release beta program.

This pre-release program includes all features of Microsoft’s productivity suite, containing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Visio, Access, Publisher and Outlook. Business users can also sign up to test beta versions of Exchange, SharePoint and Project.

There is also a possibility that Microsoft may want to test its long awaited touch version of Office for Windows. Microsoft hasn’t revealed any official information about that, but some rumors around the internet say that it will be released after spring of 2015.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is looking to improve its Office Online service, in order to be a better competition to Google Docs. One of the most important features of the new Office Online is going to be a Office Reader.

We don’t have any exact information about the released date of Office 2015, but we know that Microsoft is working hard on it, along with some other big projects, including Windows 9.

If you personally want to participate in this Microsoft Office 2015 beta testing program, you can complete the survey at Microsoft’s .

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