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‘Kill Switch’ for Laptops Being Developed by Intel and its Partners

By Radu Tyrsina / June 25, 2014 / Technology 796

Whether for entertainment or work, modern day people are online everyday. We use laptops to check email, conduct research, and surf the web. While most computers have software to protect users when online, a thief can still access all of your personal information if they get their hands on the physical laptop.

This can lead to the culprit stealing the users money, and sometimes even their identity.
Intel has decided to offer consumers even more protection by working on “Kill Switches” to further secure user data from thieves. The idea is that RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology will be used to track and shut down stolen computers.

Even if the device is without power, a Monza RFID chip will be bundled into the Intel system that can still be read back to the Intel processor. Burnside Digital has been selected by Intel to create a cloud-based data repository and dashboard for the “Kill-Switches”.

A post on the Burnside Digital Website offered another use for the technology, as peace of mind when shipping

“One feature is the ability to disable a device prior to shipping and then only reactivating the device once it reaches its final destination. This would render a device useless if it were lost or stolen during shipment.”

Another advantage the RFID technology presents is the ability to implement a location-based system. Employers could set up certain devices to only work in pre-approved locations.
Intel has already thought up several applications for the proposed “Kill-Switch” technology, and we look forward to seeing it in action.

Unfortunately this could prove to be a long wait, as the project is still just a concept. Leave your comments below and let us know what you think of this.

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