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BSNL Unlimited 3G and Unlimited GPRS To Be Discontinued

By Swapnil Kale / February 15, 2011 / Featured, Technology 1111

BSNL mobile internet users here comes bad news for you as the company has decided to discontinue its famous unlimited 3G and unlimited GPRS data plans. It is indeed disappointing for heavy users while I feel this is bad for the operator as unlimited 3G was the only reason why I (and I believe many others) opted for BSNL services, time to use MNP.

So the company has replaced this by two new plans one which offers 15 GB of data while the other has 35 GB of data and 6 GB of data for GPRS users. Looking at the bright side all the plans are quite affordable compared to other operators but I am yet to experience 3G from other operators and I hope this shift brings me some extra speed.

MobiGyan has got the new pricing and according to their sources BSNL was forced to make such a move as many 3G customers misused the unlimited plan and their downloads exceeded 900 GB a month which resulted in network troubles.



The changes will be applied starting 18th February 2011.

  • Hkanshu

    its disappointing….BSNL can never provide 3G speeds like private operators..i choose bsnl only for unlimited plan..i want to tell you all that i never got more than 1.5 Mbps and i never watched any youtube videos without buffering. BSNL 3G speed is like the 2G speed of other private operators. Again it only provides 3.6 Mbps max speed and 7.2 Mbps in some areas where private operators provide upto 7.2 Mbps and 21.6 Mbps respectively. BSNL is nothing. I suggest all of you to never choose BSNL 3G because it will be totally waste of time and money.

  • Pragnesh Y P Jobs

    BSNL is coming under pressure from private operators because of this plans private operators cant compete. India will really never grow in terms of internet because its too costly, 3G will not grow in India now I am 100% sure about it take my word on this. I have been studying growth of internet in india still people from small towns are not taking it because of price u have to pay. I was hoping that other private operators would bring down prices instead reverse effect occured.

  • saicharan

    this defently bad decision instead of this getcap on speed if they reach minimum limit of 12gb

  • citizen of india


    • JoTT

      You are really disappointed aren’t you.

  • kssrinivas

    Instead of this, BSNL may put a cap on access bandwidth. I.e. if crossed 15GB usage, the speed will be limited to 1Mbps or 512 Kbps. So that the customers will be carefull for optimum utilization of Un-limited usage. BSNL authorities should keep the un-limited 3G plans, as per above proposed form.