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Twitter Puts an End to Timeline Delivery Issues

By Radu Tyrsina / January 9, 2015 / Internet

Many Twitter users have been recently affected by an annoying bug which was causing delays in tweets appearing in their timelines. Twitter has recently made public that this issue has been fully resolved and apologized for any inconvenience it might have caused.

Since then, it seems that users haven’t been receiving this error, albeit some of them were still tweeting about these problems. However, by now, it seems that the problem has been fixed even for them.

When Twitter’s servers went down, users noted experiencing a delay in the 140-character message sending service for a period of 25 to 45 minutes. The problem didn’t affect just desktop and mobile users of or Twitter for mobile but also third-party Twitter clients such as Tweetdeck and others.

Here are just some of the complaints that users had:

“What is going on with Twitter lately? It was down for 3 hours last week, couldn’t log in and now it’s down again? #BadTwitter #TwitterDown”

“I am all alone on Twitter. Only seeing my own tweets. It’s like social solipsism. #TwitterDown,”

“I haven’t seen a tweet in over 20 minutes — I am not sure on the status of other survivors. Still good on supplies. #TwitterDown,”

The problem was flagged with the #TwitterDown hashtag and when the service was restored, the same hashtag was used to report the status. So, what about you? Are you still having problems with this?

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