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Surface Mini to Get Released in Time for the Next iPad Mini?

By Radu Tyrsina / July 9, 2014 / Tablets 1176

We can’t say the Microsoft’s Surface tablets have been as successful as the iPad line, but there are many who are looking forward to next releases.

Microsoft fans have been always curious of the upcoming release of the Surface Mini, and rumors, leaks and hearsay in this direction have began to appear frantically for the past few days.

Recently, well-known leaker @evleaks has suggested that the Surface Mini would see a lunch in this summer, saying that the device is back in production and that Microsoft is ready to put it on the shelves before the end of this August.

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However, well-known Microsoft pundit Mary Jo Foley thinks otherwise, and I side with her. Here’s what the expert has been saying:

“Based on what we Microsoft watchers have heard , Microsoft was planning to roll out the ARM-based Surface Mini on May 20 as part of its latest Surface tablet launch. Sources have said that CEO Satya Nadella, and possibly other Microsoft managers, decided at a relatively late hour against rolling out the Surface Mini.”

“Why? Primarily because the touch-first “Gemini” apps for Windows 8.x were not yet ready. Without those apps, the Surface Mini wouldn’t be all that compelling or differentiated, even though a touch-first/Windows Store version of OneNote is already available for the platform.”

And it makes a lot of sense. If the Surface Mini will come with the same Windows RT operating system, then it doesn’t have too many “selling points” when compared to other tablets, not to mention Apple’s iPad line.

Speaking of which, Apple is said to launch its refreshed iPad Air and iPad Mini at the end of September or beginning of October, so if Microsoft won’t be launching the Surface Mini this summer, then fall of 2014 is the next obvious release date.

What would be the features that you’d want to see in the upcoming Surface Mini? Do you think it has chances of succeeding even if it carries the almost-dead Windows RT? Let us know by leaving your comment below.

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