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Microsoft’s MSN to get a redesign, adds MSN News

By Swapnil Kale / October 2, 2012 / Internet, Microsoft, Technology 1119

Microsoft’s MSN website will soon get a new look, however it will only be visible to Windows 8 and Windows RT users who are using Internet Explorer 10. Microsoft has announced that the company will launch a redesigned version of their famous MSN website which will match the Metro UI introduced with Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems.

Those using an earlier version of Windows OS will not be able to enjoy the revamped MSN website and it will stay as it is for everyone else. The Windows 8 version of the revamped website will go live on October 26 which is the same day when Windows 8 will be released to the public.

The new site will be entirely based on the Metro UI theme which will be optimized for tablets and still usable with on a desktop with keyboard and mouse. According to Microsoft, the website draws over 480 million visitors every month.

While MSN will still feature a news hub with content coming from Associated Press and Reuters, the company has also announced the new MSN News. MSN News will consist of a team of journalists who will bring original reporting to MSN in addition to the aforementioned. At the same time existing features including MSN Money and MSN Entertainment will continue to exist.

This of course is not a really huge product from Microsoft but it clearly suggests how the company is highly focused on its upcoming operating system and it has been obvious that Microsoft is working on completely redesigning their ecosystem.


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