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New Release: Hasselblad CFV-50c CMOS Back for V-System Camera

By Swapnil Kale / July 24, 2014 / Cameras, Photography 1390

If you do use a V-System camera than you would love this new release from Hasselblad. The company has launched the new CFV-50c, which is a 50 megapixel CMOS back (similar to the one found on the H5D-50c) and one can attach this to any V-System camera.

According to the company it was designed with simple operation in mind, it does not need any cables for connection and is a first of its kind.

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In terms of the technical specifications, the Hasselblad CVF-50c is capable of capturing images with ISO as high as 6400, at 1.5fps, supports 16-bit color and features a 3-inch 24-bit color display. It also uses CF card for storage which it is not connected to computer. Obviously, this is a professional grade camera and not meant for the regulars.

Further it also features a proprietary live-view mode, a ‘Classic Hasselblad’ square crop option, a modernized user interface and programmable buttons for personalization. It also has a remote control option which is separately available through Phocus, and it uses a 500EL-type or 503CW with winder.

This attachment for V-System camera is roughly priced at $15,000 which is rather decent considering the various new features the CFV-50c provides.

One can find out more information on the same by visiting the product page as well as go through the press release if you want detailed information on the technicalities. Hasselblad has also released a document which lists all the compatible devices for the CFV-50c CMOS back.

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