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Knights of Sidonia Season 2 Release Date Revealed

By Radu Tyrsina / July 15, 2014 / Culture 12125

A few days ago, we reported on Netflix’s first original anime series – Knights of Sidonia and that it has already become popular. Here are news related to season 2.

The first season of Knights of Sidonia premiered on Netflix on July 4 and has already come to an end, since it was also a sort of pilot to see whether the audience would respond well and whether there are enough anime fans among Netflix users.

When we say Netflix “original” we mean that they are the first to bring to US soil and wherever Netflix is available.

However, the original season premiered in Japan in April, where it was originally created.

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And now, King Records, the Japanese publisher of the game, has posted the video advertisement saying that the sci-fi anime will return this fall, on November 23rd.

Pay attention, this is the release date for Japanese fans.

There has been a 2 months distance between the premiere of the first season in Japan and its release in the US, so this could be the same with season 2.

However, taking into consideration that there’s already a growing fanbase, I suspect that this could happen by the end of 2014, and somewhere in the middle of December.

Of course, after season 2 ends in Japan, Netflix will start airing it for its customers.

Or, who knows, maybe they will do it in the same time, albeit that’s highly unlikely.

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