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“Wreck-It-Ralph” is very likely to get a sequel. Some members of the cast, as well as a director of the movie were talking about the high possibility of making “Wreck-It-Ralph 2″. Even though we don’t have any crucial info about the movie, the most important thing is that it will be released...

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The fight between US carriers is getting more aggressive by the day and that’s why Cricket Wireless, the AT&T-owned prepaid wireless provider has a new national partner: GameStop. GameStop has announced its partnership with Cricket Wireless, so the gaming-focused retail chain of store will have sections that...

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Asus unveiled a bunch of awesome new products at this year’s IFA event in Berlin, but there’s one that caught my attention. The Asus MeMo Pad 7 is a new Android tablet that’s awfully similar with the … Nokia Lumia design. Read Also: [IFA 2014] ERAZER X315 is Lenovo’s Latest Cheap Desktop Gaming...

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We have some great news for all “The Croods” fans. Dreamworks said that cute, prehistoric family of Neanderthals is headed to a new adventure in the new “The Croods” movie. Grug, Eep, Ugga, Thunk, Gran, Ooga-Booga, Dinobot, Bert, Homo Ridunculo, Bunk, Plock, Pook, Snook, Wook, Bongo and Badger ...

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IFA 2014 is known to be an event that isn’t focused only on smartphones, tablets and computers, as other hardware usually finds its way here. That’s why Netgear has announced its latest smart WiFi router. More details after the images. At the IFA 2014 conference in Berlin, NetGear has launched the Nighthawk...

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Lenovo is on the roll here at IFA 2014, where it has already announced the first Intel Atom-powered tablet, the Android Tab S8 and the biggest touch laptop so far, the Lenovo Y70. We have a look now at the Erazer X315, an affordable desktop gaming device. The Lenovo ERAZER X315 is the latest addition to Lenovo’s line...

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Quite unexpectedly, Lenovo has already issued its press release, outlining some of the new devices that the company is going to showcase here at Europe’s biggest tech event. One of them is the TAB S8, Lenovo’s first 8-inch Intel Atom Android Tablet. The above pictures shows an overview look of the tablet, as well...

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At this year’s IFA 2014 event, Lenovo is proving to be an active company, announcing the first Intel Atom-powered tablet, the S8 and now we’re having a look at the first 17-inch touch laptop – the Lenovo Y70. The Lenovo Y70 Touch laptop comes with an up to 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor and powerful...

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