Xiaomi Mi S with Curved Display to Stun the Market

Xiaomi Mi S

When you’re talking smartphones in China, you definitely have to include Xiaomi in the discussion. The manufacturer left its mark on the smartphone market with its highly praised releases which gave long time brands like Samsung and Apple a good run for their money. The Chinese market is certainly infatuated with the brand, that much has been established. But Xiaomi’s progress doesn’t stop here. There have already been Xiaomi devices making their debut on shelves this year in the form of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and also the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus. Both devices were generally well received.

If you were thinking about buying one of those devices or probably another Xiaomi model, it might be better to hold off for the moment. It seems that we might be getting a new handset in the near future, as per leaked information about a potential new release. Speculations introduced us to a device which will presumably go under the name Xiaomi Mi S. This handset will feature some unexpected characteristic and is bound to give the current flow of the market a little twist.

One of its more prominent features will apparently be the screen, which will only measure 4.6 inches. There were times when that would have been considered huge, but those days have passed. Today, a 4.6 inch screen will get you what sources are calling the Mi S, and that is a “mini smartphone”. Just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it won’t pack a punch. It looks like we have a 1080p, curved display coming our way, which will definitely look very nice.

Other features include the Snapdragon 821 processing unit courtesy of Qualcomm, and 4 GB of RAM paired with 128 GB of internal storage space. A 2600 mAH battery will be added to go with the “mini” theme going on with the device, at least from an exterior perspective. The finishing touches include a 12 MP camera lens and a port combination of USB-C and 3.5 mm Jack, which is the classic smarpthone recipe.

Nothing outside of rumors is available for the device, so we will have to wait until more information is revealed. Until then, we can only speculate in regards of what other goodies Xiaomi is baking into this mini treat.

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