Xbox One S Free Deals and Bundles With Surface Book


The last couple of months have been great for tech customers everywhere because of all the discounts that were made available, especially those made by tech giants like Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft came out strong during Black Friday with Xbox One S bundles, the company’s CEO even stated that their goal was to sell 30 million units during Black Friday, but unfortunately they didn’t even close come to that number. Now that the Christmas holidays are close, Microsoft is once again putting up great deals.

UK residents will soon find out that if they choose to buy Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book device they will receive an additional Xbox one S for free, yes for free. We don’t know what is motivating Microsoft to make great deals like these, but everyone is speculating that one of the reasons is because the company didn’t manage to reach its Black Friday goal. On the other hand Microsoft’s top competitor Sony somehow managed to sell over 50 million units and Microsoft is trying to breach the gap by giving out consoles for free.

Xbox One S Free Bundles

Customers will be able to choose from three Xbox One S bundles and all of them will include a 500GB Xbox One S model, Xbox One controller and a physical copy of the selected game. The three available bundles are Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 and the FIFA 17 bundles. We can be sure that UK residents will opt in for the FIFA bundle because of their football culture.

The Surface Book can be acquired in three variants and only customers that choose to buy the entry level Surface Book will not be eligible to receive a free Xbox One S console. If customers do choose to buy the mid-ranged or high end Surface Book they will be able to enjoy Microsoft’s Xbox One S.

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