Windows sales drop after Windows 8 release

Microsoft launched Windows 8 with a lot of expectations earlier in October. However, the product hasn’t really struck cords with the consumers. According to reports Windows sales are actually down by 21% since the launch.

The NPD Group reported that the sales of Windows devices, excluding Microsoft’s Surface tablet, fell significantly. However Stephen Baker, VP of Industry Analysis at NPD, commented that it is still too early to blame it on Windows 8 especially when the entire holiday season lies ahead of us. Microsoft released earlier this week that they have sold over 40 million Windows 8 licenses so far.

According to the NPD Group research, Windows 8 has captured only 58% of computing devices sales, as opposed to the 83% that Windows 7 had captured post 4 weeks of its release. As per the reports, Windows 8 tablet sales are almost negligible, figuring less than 1% of all the Windows 8 sale.

Windows products initially came with very iconic features that consumers have come to be very used to. Now, with the entire look of the product changed, understandably, it might be difficult for consumers to find a common ground. Sometimes, changes are overrated. However, here’s hoping that the sales may pick up soon.

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  1. I am not sure why windows 8 adoption is slow even though MS has priced is competitively for windows tablet i can understand high price points will shove off the customers to android devices

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