Will Apple’s iPhone succumb to Google Pixel?

Will Apple’s iPhone succumb to Google Pixel

Ever wanted a smartphone that ran pure Android? Something that didn’t offer an altered experience, with third party skins over Google’s operating system? Well then, we’d like you to meet Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL.  For those that aren’t as tech savvy or just haven’t kept in touch with tech news in 2016, Google Pixel fully embodies Google’s vision of an Android smartphone. Some of you might be familiar with Google’s precedent pure Android smartphone line, Nexus. Pixel directly replaced Nexus on the market and is considered one of the main highlights of 2016.

Talking about highlights, Apple is unshakeable in this department, with its iPhone device constantly being one of the top handsets of the year. Some have agreed that despite its premium image created by marketing, Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are a bit undergeared for what smartphone standards deem acceptable these days that high up the quality tier list. Let’s take a look at how Google Pixel can prove everyone wrong and top devices such as Apple’s iPhone in its way to market supremacy.

Google Assistant

While Google has dabbled with vocal recognition in the past, its Google Assistant is definitely what you might call an improvement. Apple’s Siri is well known as the pioneer of vocal recognition on smartphones but Google Assistant manages to top any other when it comes to sheer functionality and OS integration. It is currently available only on the Pixel and Pixel XL, which give the devices an important edge.

Storage perks

Google is no doubt looking to push people into accepting Google Pixel as the go-to when it comes to smartphones. This can be observed with photos uploaded to Google Photos from one of the Pixel models. When that happens, the photos aren’t taken into consideration in terms of occupied storage. In other instances, photos would have been resized but with a Pixel you get to keep the original size file stored to Photos for free.

Hardware perks and support

Google Pixel and Pixel XL are currently the only devices that are compatible with the Google Daydream VR headset. More are to follow, but that doesn’t change the fact that Pixel users are in for some hardware treats since they are Google’s new favorite children. Pixel is an in-house built device so now that Google apparently doesn’t necessarily need to subcontract companies to build their phones, we might also see cool new VR gear and not only coming exclusively for the Pixel line.

One thought on “Will Apple’s iPhone succumb to Google Pixel?”

  1. It will take years but unless Apple gets going on Siri there is a long term threat. We have had the Echo since launch and recently purchased the Google Home with the Assistant like the Pixel.

    I am starting to learn a shorter english as the inference is so incredible with the Google Home. So say “hey google play sting gwen bottle on tv”. Google figures out that I want to watch a video of Gwen Stefani and Sting singing message in a bottle on my TV. It then turns the TV on, sets the proper input, and the video starts playing.

    Our brains inference capabilities allow us to communicate with one another in a compressed manner. Information can be inferred versus being said. This is what Google is doing and for some (many?) things they can do better than a human.

    Maybe it is because I have an engineering background but the Google Home from a technology standpoint and what Google is doing just blows me away.

    The demo that most blows people away is the Google Photos with the Google Home. A bunch of people over for the holiday and someone asks how was your trip? You just say would you like to see a few pics? You just say “hey google show my photos of kenny in Maui”. The TV turns itself on, input set, and photos of my son Kenny playing on the beach in Maui displays”. Someone asks did you guys snorkel?

    I simply ask Google to show photos of Molokini and then photos of us snorkeling at Molokini and unfortunately pics of where I forced the kids to Kayak to Molokini from the hotel. Wind changed, almost died, fantastic Coast Guard picked us up and took us back to the hotel where we were yelled at because suppose to check in once an hour. Just what happens when wife does not join me and the kids on vacation.

    Then my oldest said I remember snorkeling there. Then you just say show Tommy snorkeling at Molokini. My wife had scanned and loaded 1000s of photos into Google Photos and to the shock of my oldest son photos both above and underwater display of him at Molokini.

    This is simply off the charts incredible from a technology standpoint. Might be a bias for me but simply wow!

    Basically one shutter click and nothing else and three months later you are in your family room without touching a single thing showing the photos. There is no more friction that can be removed.

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