Watch Dogs 2 – The T-Bone Content Bundle Available

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs has been one of 2014’s most popular games and because of that Ubisoft, the game’s producer decided to create another installment in the franchise and launch Watch Dogs 2 on November 15th, 2016 and the game is considered to be a huge success in the gaming community. Even though the game has been out for only a couple of months, the majority of players have already finished the game’s main story and to keep them entertained Ubisoft just released a new DLC.

The T-Bone Content Bundle has just been made available for PS4 players while Xbox One and PC players still have to wait until January 24th, 2017 before the additional content is available for their platforms. The DLC’s activity revolves around T-Bone, which is a game character that has been featured in the first Watch Dogs game and it also brings a new co-op mode and additional online features. Seeing the success Rockstar Games has been having with Grand Theft Auto 5 Online, Ubisoft create an online mode for their new game in hopes of generating the same amount of profits Rockstar Games does.

Regarding profits, the DLC can only be downloaded only by PS4 players that have a season pass for Watch Dogs 2 or by players that choose to pay $6.99 for it. Players will be able to wear T-Bone’s standard outfit and drive a new customized bus school. In addition to all those great features, the DLC also includes the T-Bone Chaos Challenge, which is an event that rewards players with in-game items, currency and car skins. Ubisoft announce that the T-Bone Challenge is available only for four weeks starting December 19th so Watch Dogs 2 fans need to hurry up if they want to catch these challenges.

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