Tesla Software Update To Hit In About Three Weeks

Tesla Software Update

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk announced a big update regarding their electrical vehicles last month stating that it will solve a couple of interface issues and add more Autopilot functionalities. About three weeks have gone by and he reassured its customers that the team is working around the clock to finish updating its software.

He publicly gave this news via a Twitter post in which he states that his team is working seven days a week to make it available as soon as possible. This update will most likely feature important tweaks to the car’s in-built browser by updating the Linux core OS to 4.4 at exactly the same time the v8.1 update goes live.

Owners that have the privilege of enjoying new Autopilot hardware will be delighted to know that all Autopilot functionalities will be brought back from the first generation of Autopilot software. These features are yet to be adapted to the new system though.

More features included in this update are auto-dimming headlights and an improved touchscreen response, with perks such as cruise aware that knows the car’s position in traffic and the highly-awaited Autosteer function.

The update wants to bring back some functions that include the likes of Auto windshield wipers, parking assistance, blind spot detection, forward collision warning, auto emergency breaking, avoiding side collisions, lane departure warning, traffic-aware cruise control, autosteer, autopark, auto lane change and the most sought after feature – summon, that lets your car come to wherever you are at the flick of a button on your Tesla app.

Tesla owners wish for this big update to fix all of these problems, making it stand apart from its current generation of software. This update is also aimed at owners with older software, giving them UI improvements regarding media and a big mobile update.

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