Tesla – December Update Includes Autopilot Features


The future is here people cars are receiving software updates the same way smartphones are. Tesla, the pioneer of modern cars has just started rolling out the latest OTA (over-the-air) software update that includes Autopilot 8.1. The December software update has been announced by the company’s CEO Elon Musk on his official Twitter page back in November. The Autopilot patch will include a bunch of new features and we will go over them right now, but what we should mention first is that the Model X and Model S won’t receive all Enhanced Autopilot functionalities.

 Autopilot Features

  • Speed Assist
  • Auto Adjusting Display
  • Side Collision Warning
  • Auto Headlights

Even though these features will improve the self driving technology used on the Model S, the technology doesn’t even come close to the latest Tesla Enhanced Autopilot. The reason why Tesla isn’t releasing the full list of features is because the Enhanced Autopilot requires the car to be equipped with a better processor, extra sensors and cameras something which the Model S lacks.

Tesla’s official website stated that the company is looking to improve the driver’s assistance package in the future. The company intends on adding self driving features such as keep within a lane, change lanes, exit freeway and more. The only downside being that these features must be first tested and approved before the company can release them.

What Tesla didn’t include in their patch log is that the update comes with an Easter Egg, a quite important one actually. Owners of Model S P100D cars should be happy to hear that with the 8.1 update their cars will receive a speed boost. The Tesla car can now go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.4 sec.

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