Sony To Include VR Game In PS Plus During January

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Now that December is coming to an end all this means for PlayStation players is that they will get whole new set of free game in January. The PlayStation community is buzzing with excitement because Sony is expected to add a virtual reality game to PS Plus for the first time ever in January. Usually, Sony announces next month’s free games on the 28th of the month and we can expect the company to follow the same tradition in December as well.

The past few months have been filled with leaked reports that showed which games Sony will add to PS Plus, but now it looks like Sony took extra precautions and no one’s leaking any information regarding January’s free games and this is hinting that Sony is up to something big. The latest PlayStation Plus games to be added have been Invisible Inc and The Path of Destinies and it’s safe to say that Sony fans have been quite happy with December’s free games.

Another reason why Sony is expected to include at least one AAA game and a virtual reality one and also because Sony’s top competitor Microsoft, has already announced their Xbox free games for January and the list is filled with impressive titles such as Deathtrap: World of Van Helsing and Killer Instinct Season 2. Also taking in consideration how well Sony’s PS VR has been selling, Sony has to make at least one virtual reality game such as Batman: Arkham VR available on PS Plus. Nonetheless, it’s great seeing that major developers are working on creating new virtual reality games every day and we can be sure that during 2017 Sony will start listing discounts for them.

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