Sims 4 cheat codes revealed for City Living expansion

Sims 4 City Living expansion

Sims is a life simulation game where players get to create their own characters and guide them through life itself. Unlike any other game that has an end goal and a clear objective such “save that person” or “kill that person”, the objective in Sims is to live. This has garnered the franchise a mass following with players of all ages creating a Sim and seeing how it goes through life.

Domestic responsibilities, love, marriage, family, career, and other such vital society element are found within Sims which has reached iteration number 4. The Sims 4 standalone game is enhanced with dozens of expansion packs, the latest one being City Living, which further add content and options to the evergrowing experience.

All these options and attributions might be a bit daunting for some players, thus cheat codes were created. Sims 4 isn’t the first game to feature cheat codes, as many games before it are known to allow players to exploit certain game elements. Previous Sims games are known for providing a console for cheat codes, so that users have an easier time using them and altering the game’s difficulty considerably.

To access the console on PCs, simply hold down CTRL, SHIFT and C. On Mac computers simply replace CTRL with CMD and you’re good to go.

There is a large pool of cheat codes that can be used, varying in terms of functionality and covering all sorts of Sims 4 elements. There are codes that deal with the game’s career mechanic and then you have cheats for making money faster. No matter how rough the Simoleon (Sims’ in-game currency) economy gets, there’s nothing a cheat code can’t solve.

Playing Sims 4 City Living and feeling like you need a break from the grind? Take a look at the new cheat codes and make it easier on yourself in just a few clicks.

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