Shenmue 3 – New Screenshots Revealed


The Shenmue franchise managed to gather quite a massive fan following along the years, especially since there are already two games available and a third installment is on its way. Fans of the game should be happy to hear that the developers behind the game are working hard to make the game come out as soon as possible and to keep fans enthusiastic, the three new Shenmue screenshots have been released.

The reason why these three game screenshots have been released is because the game developer wants the fans to be hyped about the game. What’s important about these pictures is that it shows the visual style the developers chose to take and it’s clear to say that they made the right choice. The pictures are filled with amazing details and look incredibly sharp. The game’s protagonist can even be seen fighting in one of the pictures.


Yu Suzuki, the game’s creator stated that they are getting closer to a full release of the game and fans of Shenmue should expect gameplay footage to be showcased every month now. The PC edition of the game can pre-ordered right now from Shenmue’s official website. Another interesting statement made by Yu Suzuki is that even if Shenmue 3 hasn’t been released yet, he already has plans for a fourth installment in the franchise. The game creator said “we decided that forcing a conclusion in Shenmue 3 would only make the story feel rushed, and compromise the game as a whole”.

It’s great seeing that the developers are paying so much attention to the graphic details and to the story as well. It would truly be a shame if the Shenmue story will end in the third game and not go onto another installment. This way the developers have enough time to tell their story and players get to play even more games.


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