Seagate Duet 1 TB HDD Available for only $100

Seagate Duet 1 TB HDD

Data security is one of the most talked about elements in computing, and data loss is a very active concern. No one likes losing files that slow down their work progress or in some cases even shuts down projects completely, so coming out with a drive that emphasizes on data security was a pretty smart movie from Seagate.

For this project, which has concluded with the creation of their new hardware, the Seagate Duet, Seagate has actually partnered up with Amazon to bring some very cool capabilities. Amazon was involved in the development process and together, the two companies managed to come out with a USB hard drive which can store up to 1 TB of data. However, the kicker here is that this drive will come with Amazon Drive integration. Amazon Drive is Amazon’s cloud service and in regards to this particular piece of tech, it will help users keep their files safe. Data recorded on the Seagate Duet will also be copied and stored on Amazon’s Drive platform.

Having a complementary cloud backup for your files doesn’t sound like the worst idea. Once you buy the Duet, you have two months at your disposal to take advantage of the bundle.  The price complements the device nicely as for only $100, you not only get a free unlimited storage plan for Amazon Drive, but also 1TB of storage space. Starting with the 10th of December, you will be able to buy the Seagate Duet while those too impatient can pre-order it right away.

Getting an automatic cloud backup for your computer can come in handy amazingly as physical backups have a tendency to get lost as well, especially if there is some kind of unplanned for event, like a fire or a nasty storm.

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