Samsung launches two dual-SIM Android smartphones

Samsung has launched its first Android-based dual-SIM capable smartphones, these include the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos and the Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos, both of which are entry-level smartphone and would release in select markets sometime in the next month.

The Galaxy Y Duos is a full touchscreen device with a 3.14-inch display and is powered by an 832 MHz processor. It includes a 3 megapixel camera, 384MB RAM, 1300 mAh battery, WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity.

The Galaxy Y Pro Duos comes with a full-QWERTY keypad and a 2.6-inch display. It also sports a 3 megapixel camera but an additional front facing VGA camera, 384MB RAM, 1350 mAh battery, Bluetooth 3.0 and WiFi connectivity.

The Galaxy Y Pro Duos will first launch in Russia, and bit the devices will eventually be available in Europe, CIS, Latin America, Southwest Asia, Middle East and Africa. The Galaxy Y Duos will also make it to China starting January 2012. The pricing is yet to be revealed.

4 thoughts on “Samsung launches two dual-SIM Android smartphones”

  1. Hi Jott! Installing the two SIMs, is easy and so is the operation of them. There is a new dedicated key on the qwerty keyboard to choose between SIMs at any time. As we have said the device is Dual Standby, meaning both SIMs can receive calls at any time but if one SIM is “talking” the other appears unreachable.

  2. What’s the approximate price for this – any info on the price released? It will be good if a dual sim entry level smart phone is released in India too… 

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