Samsung Gear Fit 2 Software Update Comes With Fixes


The tech market is filled with gadgets from different tech companies but Samsung is releasing the best wearable tech devices in the world and what makes them the best isn’t only the impressive hardware they sport but the amount of software updates Samsung keeps rolling out. Owners of Samsung Gear Fit 2 should be happy to hear that Samsung is rolling a new firmware update that’s supposed to bring “new levels of precision and convenience” as Samsung puts it.

It looks like Samsung is not only focusing on their latest released Gear 2 devices but  the company is giving the same amount of attention to their older devices. The South Korean tech giant will implement the new Auto Pause feature in order to make the devices more appealing towards customers that live a more active life. The addition of this new feature will surely give the gadget an edge over its competitors.

What the Auto Pause feature basically does is that it measures the user’s cardiovascular activity and it stops the fitness tracking features once the user has stopped its activity. The addition of this feature should be great news for Gear Fit 2 users that enjoy running or cycling because from now on, whenever they stop at the crosswalk or at a traffic light, they will no longer be required to touch the device in order to stop the tracking functionality.

Seeing that Samsung is combining the gadget’s GPS and cardiovascular tracking features to improve the device’s performance and give user’s a more accurate tracking functionality leads us to believe that the Gear Fit 2 can be enhanced even more, especially since the wearable gadget market is filled with such fierce competition. Right now all we can do is wait and see if the software developer team is able to find new ways that can improve the way the wearable device works.

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