Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral Available with Impressive Sights

galaxy-note-7-3 In spite of the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, Samsung has found success with their flagship Galaxy S7 series. The bigger variant, Galaxy S7 Edge is 2017’s most popular mobile device and because of that Samsung has brought in huge profits. They intend to gain some more by releasing the device in different color variants. The latest Galaxy S7 Edge variant was the Blue Coral one, which was launched last month, but now it looks like Samsung has announced a brand new color.

The Blue Coral variant has been released in only a few select regions, but now it looks like India has received this Galaxy S7 Edge model as well. The device can be acquired starting December 15th and it only comes in the 32GB variant that’s priced at Rs. 50,900.

The latest Galaxy S7 Edge variant is the Black Pearl color one. This one is considered to be a premium version and it comes only in the more expensive 128GB version. While Samsung confirmed the news about this new color, the South Korean company didn’t make it available for all regions of the world. The premium device can only be found in Samsung’s home country right now and it will be made available for Korean public starting December 9th for the price of KRW 10,12,000.

Samsung has been quite active in creating different variants of their flagship device, launching seven different options until now. This makes the smartphone one of the most customizable high end gadgets. Customers can acquire the device in the following variants: Gold Platinum, Pink Gold, Silver Titanium, Black Onyx, Blue Coral, White Pearl and of course Black Pearl.

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