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As a strategy video games fan, I couldn’t resist myself from getting my hands on Anno 2070. The Anno series is quite popular amongst strategy gamers, but now unlike the former Anno 1805 and Anno 1299, this latest game in the series takes you directly into the future. As expected, humans have screwed up the planet’s ecosystem, sea levels have increased dramatically and what’s left of the civilization is forced to inhabit scattered inlands. Now, there are two main factions which exist on the planet – the Global Trust, much like the huge corporate community this is an industry focused faction, then there is the Eden Initiative which is an ecology-minded faction. Now, that you have a brief idea let us start with the review.

I was quite doubtful at the start but the good news is that this is still very much of an Anno game with its technicalities of balancing an improving economy. Anno 2070 is mainly about water and you have to manage your cities on inlands. Most of these inlands have limited mining resources and to build a grand empire you will need more than what your first inland has to offer, hence you have to inhabit other inlands to get your resource requirements fulfilled and grow your economy.

The key here to grow your empire is to keep your citizens happy, in the start they are just mere workers who need simple things to fulfill their requirements, but as they improve in class so do their demands including television, smartphones, etc.

Now that the resources are scattered and your citizen’s needs are ever increasing. To make things challenging your resources are not shared between your different inlands as each inland has its individual economy, power requirement, ecology rating, resources availability, etc. So, you also need to manage the trade between different inlands in order to prosper in an Anno 2070 game. It allows you to set-up automated trade routes which transfer goods between different inlands and set a reserve amount for every dock, so the inland does not suffer shortage.

For those who are not prepared to such an intense game things can get quite frustrated with Anno 2070 mainly due to the lack of resources for progressing the empire. Each raw resource is very much important in the game as they usually combine to form a useful resource. Further management is required for these resources and you would need to build or demolish facilities in order to maximize the utilization of the raw materials.

The campaign is slow, has a poor story and disappoints to the core. However the richness of the gameplay helps you go through the campaign. You have to perform some menial tasks mainly of transporting stuff around and running errands for others. On the other hand the new multiplayer is a lot of fun for those who love to challenge their friends in an Anno-esque scenario. The co-op experience is one of the best in an RTS. The big disappointment here is that every single time you play the game you also connect through Ubisoft’s server. The multiplayer scenarios go on for quite some time but it is time well spend!

Anno 2070 is a great game and although diplomacy is the most convenient option the combat part is not disappointing but it is not intense as well. It has a fair amount of warfare involved but the most surprising thing is that it does not include land units, rather just air and sea units.

Land looks good, but the water looks lousy. Overall the graphics are great, there are a lot of details in building design, and tiny citizens walking or driving to their jobs look pleasing to the eyes, even the player avatars have decent animations.

The sound is not the most impressive but satisfactory to say the least. The ambient noise included in the game is what scores points in sound, although it is very limited it does give you the feeling that you are running a busy, ever-growing empire.

It sure is a game which has a great lasting appeal, it is fresh and well designed and the best thing is that it also does not forget its roots. It does not have the same vibe as the older classics but a fresh new vibe which is satisfactory even for those who love the old ones. We would like to mention that Anno 2070 is not a game for everyone, it is intense and if you are familiar with strategy games and micromanagement you would be able to enjoy the game. Those who still want to give it a try will have to go through some frustration.

Anno 2070 is an economy-based real-time strategy game which has beautiful graphics, a great interface and needs lot of brain juice. The vision of future portrayed is quite fascinating and the all the things included in making grandeur of an empire keeps the gamer interested for quite some time. At a price of just 699 INR ($49.99 on Steam) this is a game worth having on your PC.

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  1. I love strategy games myself and have been literally devouring on them right from the time I started playing games. Coming to Anno 2070, what I like the most about it is its impressive and almost realistic graphics. Definitely worth playing.

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