Overwatch in 2017, What To Expect


Being awarded game of the year at The Game Awards sporting a 20-milion player base, the game born out of the cancelled Project Titan, Overwatch is a huge hit for Blizzard. Months after its release, Overwatch enjoyed a fair share of upgrade with an impact on significance.

Regulars of this game do not have time to become bored as two new characters complete the roster of 23, namely Ana the healing sniper and Sombra the stealth hacker. A few modes in the Arcade were also added and the game enjoyed two seasonal events that will be followed by a third one this week.

Despite Blizzard having the final word and what gets changed and what doesn’t, here are five things that we highly anticipate in 2017:

Champion-Influenced Meta Shifts

Being a shooter where characters are used there is a high demand for new ones despite Overwatch having a reputation of not providing players with more characters. The release of characters though is fairly slow thus allowing the meta to sink in for some time. Despite being possible to have a wide variety of champions in a group of six some play an essential role to the team and thus cannot be left unpicked.

Blizzard dealt with this problem with no success however by repeatedly nerfing and buffing certain champions. When McCree owned the maps it got nerfed, buffed again and then nerfed again rendering it unviable.

New Game Modes

Despite supplying players with great maps over the couple of months, Blizzard needs to step up their game by introducing new modes to the table. Not only do players want a different experience thus hyping up the new map to hit Overwatch, Ecopoint:Antarctica might give players what they have longed for with an Arcade 1v1 duel mode and a 3v3 elimination.

Customizing Weapons

While some people want their characters to be mingled with by changing their appearance, some of us might ask for a weapon cosmetic from time to time. Blizzard actually started this process with the addition of the golden weapons which are buyable only with competitive points.

More Ultimates For More Characters

Being a central point of Overwatch, a well-used ultimate can turn the scales of a game and getting to use it in a game makes up for an exciting moment, especially if you are on the winning side. More variety is needed in this sector to make games more exciting and actually giving players a choice on what and when to use.

More Perspectives On Play Of The Game

It might be a tough one to crack but adding another point of view to an already awesome kill might just be what players need.  Sure, it might prove difficult to come up with an algorithm that solves this but imagine how cool would it look if a support type character like Zarya or Ana sets up a kill for Reinhardt while changing the focus at the spur of the moment to make it look more appealing.

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