Nokia loses Market Share, Samsung Replaced by a Chinese Manufacturer and Android on a Rise. It Happens Only in India

The Indian mobile market has a very strange story thanks to the heavy influence of Indian and Chinese vendors. Nokia, which is still leading the Indian mobile phone market, is once again hit, as they lost another 5 percent of their market share in the third quarter results.

Nokia currently holds 31.5 percent market share and is still the largest vendor in India. However, Samsung which stood at second has now dropped down to third at 7.3 percent market share and lost the position to G’Five a Chinese brand which is currently at 10 percent market share in India.

The research was conducted by IDC India and hence Nokia has declined to comment on market share estimates by external parties. Last year in the second quarter Nokia had an impressive 56.8 percent market share which dropped down to 36 percent in second quarter this year. On the other hand Indian and Chinese vendors are definitely growing constantly thanks to their low-end and affordable mobile phone offerings.

Looking at Samsung’s case Anirban Banerjee, associate vice president for research at IDC India said that it may be too early to forecast that G’Five has replaced Samsung from the position which the company held for a long time as in the first nine months of this year Samsung did hold the number two position.

India is indeed a price sensitive market and it is highly fragmented when it comes to mobile phones. There are entry level, mid level and high end devices from all major vendors, while Indian and Chinese vendors have been doing a good job selling decent hardware at an extremely affordable price.

One very interesting entry to the Indian mobile handset market is Android. The mobile operating system was introduced in the country last year and during that time it had hardly gained any popularity. However, in the third quarter of this year 9.4 percent of smartphones shipped where Android based compared to a mere 2.6 percent during the same time last year. What is more interesting is that Indian and Chinese manufacturers are also embracing the power of Android as Micromax has recently announced its Andro A60 and Intex has promised an Android 2.2 FroYo based phone which will launch sometime in February 2011. Large players are doing some great job with Android as Motorola, Samsung and LG currently have some great mid level Android offerings.

This is just getting exciting, everybody seems to love Android and next year seems very interesting for the Indian mobile phone market.

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5 thoughts on “Nokia loses Market Share, Samsung Replaced by a Chinese Manufacturer and Android on a Rise. It Happens Only in India”

  1. Well its a hight time for nokia to change there OS as there symbian is too outdated against iOS and android.. so Nokia need to move on from symbian or too much updates are needed in symbian to continue with it… And i think thats y nokia is planning to bring Android in Nokia n900..

    1. @Ashwin- You might be intrested to know that the new Nokia N9 is based on MeeGo operating system which is based on linux. Lets watch whether they implements this OS on low end mobiles or not? by the way I have heard that Nokia will keep making low end mobiles on Symbian. Lets wait and watch what MeeGo does for Nokia..

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