Pebble 2 vs Apple Watch – Rivals Facing Each Other

Pebble 2 vs Apple Watch

A second version of Pebble’s smartwatch was announced in order to rival the affordable smart watch market. It goes by the name of Pebble 2 and promises a battery life that lasts for over a week and can be connected to devices that run either iOS or Android.

Despite being an entry-level watch and costing three times the money as the Pebble 2, Apple’s Watch Series 1 has basically the same specifications as the Pebble 2. Let’s compare the two and find out which one is the best buy.


One of the Pebble 2’s advantages is the low price tag compared to Apple Watch Series 1. It currently boasts with 13.000 available apps and can also be used to track the sleeping pattern of its users. Having an optical heart monitor it allows the device to be compatible with Google Fit and Apple Health.

Despite the fact that Apple Watch offers similar hardware performances its lack of a GPS confines its users to pair with the iPhone in order to see how much distance its user covered.


Those who opt for purchasing an Apple Watch Series 1 have the option of choosing between a 38mm and 42mm screen whereas the Pebble 2 only comes with a 32mm display.

Regarding screen quality, Apple’s device is hands down the winner sporting an OLED Retina display and the Force Touch feature is easy to get used to. Pebble 2 on the other hand has a monochrome display with no touchscreen whatsoever. The only thing that it can do is receive notifications and control music. We can only say that the Pebble 2 fulfills its job perfectly well in regard with its price range.


A Pebble 2 can be purchased with 99 Pounds on Amazon whereas the Apple Watch Series 1 is 269 pounds. The newer version of the Series one entitled Apple Watch Series 2 comes at a whopping 369 pounds.

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