Nexus 6P Battery Drain Issues in Colder Climates


One of the most common issue Android users face is that whenever they install a new operating system on an older device, the gadget doesn’t perform as well as it used to. The reason behind this type of problems is that the new operating system isn’t optimized to run on older handsets but rather on the latest high end ones. Recent reports are showing that once Android 7.0 Nougat has been installed on Nexus 6P, the device’s battery starts powering down. Google’s issue tracking thread is filled with reports about Nexus 6P’s battery drain problems and there already over two hundred affected users. What’s interesting is that even if the device is flashed back to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the issue keeps reoccurring just not at the same rate.

Several Nexus 6P owners reported that this problem is actually hardware related because they replaced the device’s batteries and the problem disappeared. What’s odd is that Huawei doesn’t see this issue as hardware failure and doesn’t want to replace the batteries, even if the Nexus 6P is still under warranty. Luckily, Google acknowledged this problem as software related and this means that we can expect a software fix to be rolled out any day now.

Nexus 6P owners that live in colder climates should be careful because according to reports that’s where the problem keeps reoccurring. What essentially happens is that when the device reaches 60 percent battery life it instantly shuts down and this isn’t only inconvenient, it also endangers the Nexus 6P user because being able to use your smartphone at all times has become essential in this day and age. Google needs to set this issue as a top priority and work on finding a quick fix as soon as possible because not every Nexus 6P user is able to spend the extra money on buying another battery.

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