Microsoft Surface Book Performance and Software – Detailed Review

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Microsoft is generally known for their Windows operating system which has been used by millions of people worldwide, but the U.S. giant is also the manufacturer of the powerful Surface line of devices. The company has been quite busy as of late, mostly focusing their attention towards the Azure public cloud and this lead to a huge increase in their Office 365 subscriptions. Microsoft announced that to top the year off they will release the first ever all in one Surface Studio in addition to the performance update they did to the Surface Book. We managed to get our hands on one of the Surface Studio devices and right now we will present the readers with a comprehensive review.


The product is packaged with only high quality materials but this was to be expected since Microsoft priced the product at $3,000. The unboxing experience is something truly special, the first thing that pops out just after opening the box is the sleek magnesium chassis which is one of the best alloys in the world especially since it doesn’t hold fingerprints.


Microsoft claimed that the Surface Book performance update doubled the device’s performance and overall capabilities and it looks like they weren’t kidding. The Surface Book was tested in both professional aspects and graphical performances and had outstanding results. The device came with all the standard Windows desktop apps such as Office 365, OneDrive, Chrome and many more, the apps performed exceptionally mainly because they were optimized for Windows 10. The graphical benchmarks were surprisingly good and users that enjoy gaming should know that they can run about any popular game on the device.


The all in one Surface Studio is the first of its kind and Microsoft did a great job creating it. The main key feature of the device is that it can be used for productivity purposes and gaming as well, delivering quite impressive graphical benchmarks. The only downside is that it costs $3,000 but considering the amount of features the user receives in both the hardware department and the operating system one, makes the device worth all the money.

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