Microsoft Creators Update for Windows 10 brings security fixes

Microsoft Creators Update , Windows 10

There are a lot of updates and new innovations coming from Microsoft in the foreseeable future, as announced by the tech giant over the course of this past year. Some are due by the end of 2016, while others are scheduled for an early 2017 release. Either way, the company has made it clear that it intends to bring forth the Creators Update as its next major update package.

The Creators Update will include a multitude of new features and implementations, seeking to further enhance the Windows 10 experience. A closer look at some of the features prepared for the build, it is noticeable that Microsoft has put quite the accent on bolstering security. This might be a direct response to the aggressive series of attacks that have been reported in 2016, pertaining to all kinds of problems and exploited vulnerabilities from different software. Look no further than Adobe Flash Reader’s problems as attackers heavily exploited a backdoor of sorts not that long ago.

The Windows Defender threat detecting tool will get some pretty important improvements in the upcoming Creators Update, pertaining to their threat analysis library and efficiency in threat detection. To achieve better results, Microsoft has teamed up with FireEye which will offer their services as well as their iSIGHT technology to improve the qualities of Microsoft’s Windows Defender.

In addition to the Windows Defender changes, users can expect a new Microsoft Edge extension called TrueKey, which will safeguard your passwords and indirectly your private information . Microsoft Edge was already classified as the most secure browser solution, topping even the likes of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The addition of TrueKey will only make it sturdier in the face of cyber-threats.

The future looks bright for Microsoft’s Windows 10 as the Creators Update is awaited by the masses of eagerly anticipating consumers.

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